2008 Fall Conference Presentations

presentation.jpgThe presentations for the 2008 Annual Fall Conference held September 10-12 at Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria, Illinois have been made available for your convenience. 

An FYI — several of these presentations are very large in size.  Please note the file size next to the name of the presentation before downloading. 


Designated Zone Organization (DZO) Process by Susan Schlupp, City of Peoria, ED

  pdf DZO Presentation 7.35 Mb

Riverway Business Park by Dennis Kief, Pekin City Administrator

pdf City of Pekin Presentation 11.78 Mb

East Peoria Downtown 2010 by Ty Livingston, City of East Peoria

pdf East Peoria Downtown Presentation 6.29 Mb

Wind Turbines and How hey Are Assessed by By: Wendy Ryerson and Ron Kane

pdf Wind Assessment Presentation 5.42 Mb

Competing States Taxes & Incentives by John Gremer, KPMG

pdf Competing States Tax Incentives Presentation 1.56 Mb

City of Washington

pdf City of Washington Presentation 1.48 Mb