Goals & Objectives for 2007

The IEZA board has drafted it goals and objectives for 2007.

GOAL I: Continue to improve communications and record keeping with all individuals, governments, organizations and businesses involved in the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program.

  • Objective: Approve and publish revised IEZA By-Laws.
  • Objective: Produce printed and electronic IEZA Newsletters.
  • Objective: Utilize ISBE resource assistance to continue the education of Zone Administrators, educators and school board members on the relationship between enterprise zone abatement and the general state aid formula.
  • Objective: Implement new IEZA Web Site. Objective: Maintain centralized comprehensive mailing lists for membership information, conferences and newsletters. Integrate with online IEZA Web Site.
  • Objective: Create IEZA electronic information distribution system for rapid dissemination of critical zone related information.

GOAL II: Continue to broaden awareness of the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program through cooperative efforts with other Economic Development organizations. Objective: Continue to coordinate with other ED organizations.

  • Objective: Link new IEZA Web Site to Web Sites of IEZA members, DCEO, IDC and ITIA.

GOAL III: Increase membership of Zone Administrators and other business categories.

  • Objective: Maintain contact with each zone administrator by mail and electronic means. Objective: Conduct ongoing retention and recruitment efforts.
  • Objective: Contact certified businesses and professional member candidates.

GOAL IV: Remain active in the enterprise zone legislative process.

  • Objective: Monitor and inform members of legislation affecting zones.
  • Objective: Poll IEZA Board members to determine if a position should be taken on specific legislation.
  • Objective: Contact legislators regarding IEZA’s position on legislation and encourage members to make individual contacts.

GOAL V: Educate new zone administrators.

  • Objective: Provide continuing education for members through workshops and conferences.

GOAL VI: Promote successful investment and job creation utilizing Illinois Enterprise Zone incentives.

  • Objective: Expand mailing and electronic distribution of the IEZA Newsletter and IEZA press releases to State and local agencies and the media.