Sample Opposition letter posted

Dear Members:

Please find attached a sample letter with suggestions for you to use in defeating SB43 & HB63.  We suggest that you get every mayor, city council, county board chair, and county board members along with any industry and commercial property owners to send these letters to your senators and legislators.    Please add your own sample of what would happen to a project or projects in your zone.    It is very important that you pay close attention and make sure that you send letters right away.  Please do not delay, this may well be the most important opposition letter you have ever written.  I am faxing and mailing my letters to all senators and representatives in the state.

Both the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and Illinois Development Council have sent members a notice of these bills and they are supporting our efforts to stop this adverse legislation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact John or myself.

Betty J. Steinert, President                      John Thompson, VP                                                

pdf Download SAMPLE Opposition letter to HB-063 and SB-043 62.75 Kb